Minding my own mindfulness

As a spiritual person and a licensed therapist, I understand the benefits of mindfulness. Calm, focus, clarity... you can probably name a few others. I've experienced those benefits myself and witnessed them in others. And I've certainly read the research that supports incorporating mindfulness meditation into daily life. So why do I groan when I see another headline on mindfulness?

First, it's a fuzzy concept, as these authors have noted.

But the bigger issue for me is that a lot of us mental health "experts" are just reading and talking about mindfulness, as if it's an intellectual exercise. How many of us are actually practicing meditation? I've personally noticed huge benefits from meditation, but I still have trouble making the time for it. It's as if my silly brain thinks just knowing about meditation will magically bring me the benefits. Or that I can be more mindful by telling others how to be mindful. So I'm giving myself a gentle reminder to mind my own mindfulness!

Also, taking mindfulness out of its original context makes it all about our individual selves, when the purpose is to help us feel more connected to others, and to the world we share.

What is your experience with mindfulness?

#mindfulness #meditation #mentalhealth #wellness

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