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Updated: Mar 2

Sometime back I was reading about Gurudwara at Sadar, welcoming our Muslim faith friends by opening the Gurudwara for the prayer. There was a big controversy of not allowing to use the open places for the Namaz from followers of others faith resulting in law and order situation. I had to visit Gurudwara as part of our Interfaith drive and I thought of visiting this one that is most relevant.

I must say there is nothing like this I felt in the past at any religious place I have visited in the past. The palace was very clean and welcoming. I first met the person at the gate and he spent time telling me the details of Gurudwara and the program for the day and directed me to Pradhan’s Room, where there were a team of 5 sitting from Gurudwara and from gurdwara in Mumbai. I was told that believers and gurus who accomplished Gurus were collected and put into a Granth and that Granth is called “Guru Granth Sahib”. About 300 years back when 10th Guru, Guru Govind Singh established Khalsa Panth. He said that if you are a real Sisya (disciple) of the guru meaning a Sikh “Sab Sikhon to Hukum hai guru manyo Granth” Once you have gone thru the guru Granth sahib, you don't have to seek a Guru.

I was indicated towards the Langar Sewa taking place in Gurudwara. I must tell you it was the most fulfilling exercise. I was amidst a group of unknown young and elderly people (Mind you this Covid time) who very soon became very dear friends. All were equal and we were doing all kinds of work ( Cleaning utensils, chopping vegetables, putting butter on the Rotis, and rolling). They were kind to click some photos I am sharing with folks.

It's very interesting to know In Guru Granth Sahib has both Davit (Shape) of having mention of Krishna, Shiva, and others as form and also advait the formless “Ek Onkar Satnam”. God is one and it's in all forms or formless. Hukum is God’s will. 11th Guru was Gurugranth Sahib and Sikhs follow this for all their events ( birth, death, and other rituals).

As I performed Sewa for Langar and spend some time speaking to Pradhan of Gurudrawa Samiti Sherdhill Sidhu and others, for me personally they exuded at home feeling to be feeling at home with my fmaily. Diya, Don't forget I was still visiting for the 1st time at the middle of Corona, doors of Gurudwara was not only open but also everybody there was sincerly reflecting the human aspect being with you. At every stage the “bhav of Seva” ( service ) reflected and as you were saying the 1st pillar of Gurbani, is just the bani but it was the actual experience in one gurudwara of Gurgaon and I am sure it's the same everywhere.

This took me back to the recent controversy of our fellow brothers and sisters from muslim community facing issue with praying (Namaz) in the open space like Park, Roads, etc and this gurudwara being 1st to open up offering the place to pray. How open and large hearted initiative that was. We will not go into analysing good and bad of any particular religious belief, however belif that we are one, belief that we are here live together and our 1st duty is sewa rest will follow I could experience.

Diya, every faith is different towards their approach in their belief and approach. When you visit the religious places, you can expeirnce some of this belief and approach in action. One thins stood out at Gurudwara comapre ot my earlier visits the notion of Sewa deeply coded in the belief .

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