Experiments with Religions

Exploring Faith Systems

Relishing to Giving back to the rich academia, while exploring the insights from different faith systems have led to contribute by way of Research and Paper Presentations.


Harvard - Scriptures of Buddhism

This course helped to explore in greater depth the ability of Buddhist scriptures to speak to persons and transform lives. This is at the heart of what makes their scriptures, not the normative claims found in them nor the authority given to them and promote Buddhism as a Living Religion.


IOSR Journal in Humanities and Social Science 

The objective of this research is to assess the compatibility between Democracy and Buddhism. Investigating different aspects of a good vibrant democracy such as Equality, Diversity, Governance and Law, Tolerance, sustainability through core principles of Democracy and the Sutras of  Buddhism, this research intends to find coherence or antagonism.

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International Society for Research

Invited as a Speaker to the 3rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Social Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, History And Philosophy (ICMSAAHP-2022)
  March 05-06, 2022

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Early experiments with various Religions

Fascination to understand various ideologies was best done by practicing them. Sneak peek into my early years of embracing Islam, Christianity, Buddhism to being born a Hindu.

Bodhi Connect

Bodhi Connect is a platform formed to guide school children in a direction that will help foster their talents. The environment in which children grow up today is inconsistent and unstable, with constantly changing social and economic dynamics, making it hard to imagine what the future in which children of tomorrow will live and work turn out to be like. 

It is affected by many liberal ideals and skills necessary to excel in a particular field. Some of these children who are bright in other fields except studying lack the skills to excel in that field and often leave it to a hobby or having access to it.

Bodhi Connect intends to help mentor students by providing a platform that connects these children to known programs that will help them excel in their interest fields. We have tied up with NGOs and program facilitators to help provide these children with the best facilities in an effort to change the common norm of these children.

We want to help open their eyes to their potential.

Urban Migrants

The pandemic brought with it lockdowns and travel-bans that were imposed by governments all over the world as a necessity to tackle the pandemic and to rein in its outspread. However, the lockdown upset the daily routines of the people, especially the working class who were put in a major financial predicament (Chander et al., 2020). This created the urban migrants who moved across the nation trying to find accomadation. Bodhi Trail works to help urban migrants by providing their children with vocational education as well as knowledge on current affairs and religion. 

Wazirabad Slums

With close affinity to the national capital, Gurugram (Haryana) has witnessed rapid urbanization and is now a financial and industrial hub with the third highest per capita income in India. But the condition is very different for the less privileged strata of the society which lies neglected in the absence of even basic amenities. We provided the children and the parents with books and resources to cope up. We provided basic amenities during covid times.

Seva at Gurudwara

  The welcomeness and the selflessness of Sikhism is definitely a take back from our experiences. Every faith has a different approach towards topics and we are here to bring out the best of what we experienced. 

We met the head of the gurdwara and asked a few questions about the faith along with having an interesting discussion on the impact of Covid and how the gurdwara contributed for the welfare of Indian Citizens.  Then, the seniors of the gurdwara guided me to the practice of Sewa. Sewa means 'selfless service'. It involves helping others without any reward or personal gain. Sikhs perform sewa in a variety of ways, including to help the sangat and the local community.