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BodhiTrail is a global platform to promote peace and harmony, by evaluating the pervasive impact of faith on policy, economics, and politics of a nation in the 21st century. By bringing together individuals from various faiths, and prioritizing social service for diverse faiths, Bodhi Trail hopes to highlight the most significant aspect of spirituality - acceptance of others as they are, and service of others from a space of altruism and empathy. 


By leveraging workshops, podcasts, blogs, religious visits, and conferences, BodhiTrail aims to create bridges where there have been differences, and manifest tangible change in the lives of individuals and groups, beyond the divisive lines of society. We have partnered with NGOs, nation-wide foundations, colleges, schools and local organizations to develop a social service project to reflect promotion of inter-faith harmony. 

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Tel: +91 931 931 9756

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